PST to office 365

Import PST to Office 365 Mailbox

This migration tool will help you to upload Outlook PST file data including all attachments, calendars, contacts and tasks into cloud-based O365 account. The software allows importing PST files to Exchange Online Primary, In-place Archive, Group and Shared Mailboxes.

  • Effortless procedure to import PST to Office 365 Account.
  • Migrate Emails, Contacts, Tasks and Calendars etc.
  • Allows transferring multiple PST files to cloud platform at once.
  • You can move PST to o365 Primary&user’s online Archive Mailbox.
  • Support all Microsoft Outlook versions and their PST files.
  • 100 % secure PST migration to Exchange Online environment.

Key Features of PST to Office 365 Migration Tool

Add & Search

Find and Add PST

Click on Add Filebutton to browse the PST file which one you want to upload into Exchange Online Mailbox. But if you don’t know the file location then you can easily search it by clicking on search icon.

Preview the PST items

Preview PST file item

This PST to o365 Migration Tool will preview all PST items like emails, contacts, calendars, with all attachments. It’s an optional choice to analyze data prior uploading to Office 365.

PST to Office 365

Import PST to Office 365

This application is a GUI based application and it's very easy for converting PST file data into OWA Cloud platform. It will convert the all PSTs into o365 primary or In-place archive Mailbox.

Folder structure

Preserve folder Hierarchy

The software maintains the original folder structure while importing Outlook PST to Office 365 Mailbox. All folders and sub-folders will be imported in same sequence.

Primary Mailbox

Export PST in Primary Mailbox

With this tool, you can upload the PST file data into Exchange Online environment in the Primary mailbox like emails, contacts, and calendars etc. you can also create a new folder in primary mailbox and upload data inside that folder.

Archive Mailbox

Convert PST in Online Archive Mailbox

Here you can also move from Outlook PST to o365 In-Place Archive Mailbox. Once you select this option you can create a new folder if required otherwise import all data into default folders of Archive mailbox.

Impersonate Right

PST to o365 with Impersonation rights

This is the unique features of this PST to Office 365 Migration Tool. Using this option Administrators can convert the multiple PST files into Multiple Exchange Online Mailbox without needing passwords.What permissions are required to use this feature?

Multiple PST to o365

Upload Multiple PST to Exchange Online

The PST to o365 converter provides the Bulk and Impersonate Option; with this feature you can easily import your Multiple PSTs into Multiple Cloud mailboxes by creating a CSV file.

Selected Items

Export Selected items into cloud platform

You can migrate the required PST items like emails contacts, calendars etc with all attachments into Office 365 Cloud Platform by choosing the items or folders.

No PowerShell

No need the PowerShell Commands

The software designed in the advanced algorithms, so here you don’t need any types of PowerShell Commands or Azure AzCopy tool for moving PST file into Exchange Online Mailbox.

Date Range

Apply Date Range Filter if Required

The migratorincludes an optional date range filter option that can be used to upload PST data of specific date range into Exchange Online accounts.

Support windowsoutlook

Support all Outlook & Windows Versions

The tool is fully compatible with all Windows &Outlook versions like Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and all oldest version of MS Outlook. It also supports the ANSI and UNICODE PST file.

How PST to Office 365 Converter Work

This PST to Exchange Online Migration Tool is very easy to use.

  • First, download and install this PST to o365 Migration Tool
  • Once it installed just lunch the software
  • Click Add file option and select the PST file
  • It will show the preview of all PST item with all attachments
  • Now select the folder or items to export into Exchange Online
  • Click on the Export button for moving PST to cloud Mailbox
  • Here login with Office 365 user or admin account and hit on Export
  • Now wait and it will automatically convert the PST data into Exchange Online
  • Note: With this application, you can also migrate multiple PST into multiple o365 mailboxes with Bulk and Impersonate option. To use this feature you need to give the ApplicationImpersonate rights.

Purchase full version at Affordable Price

Personal License


  1. Only for 2 Machine
  2. Impersoante Export
  3. FIle Size Limitation
  4. Bulk Export
  5. Money Back Guarantee
  6. One Time Payment
  7. Lifetime Support
Most Prefered

Business License


  1. Only for 50 Machine
  2. Impersoante Export
  3. FIle Size Limitation
  4. Bulk Export
  5. Money Back Guarantee
  6. One Time Payment
  7. Lifetime Support

Enterprise License


  1. Only for 100 Machine
  2. Impersoante Export
  3. FIle Size Limitation
  4. Bulk Export
  5. Money Back Guarantee
  6. One Time Payment
  7. Lifetime Support

Frequently Asked Questions of PST to Exchange Online converter

Can I export my multiple PST files data into Office 365 with this Migration Tool?

Yes, you can convert your multiple PSTs into Exchange Online by using Bulk or Impersonate Export Options.

I want to import my PST file into Office 365 Archive Mailbox. Is it possible with this tool?

Yes, this application providesan option by which you can move your MS Outlook PST into o365 In-Place or User’s Online Archive Mailbox.

I have lots of PST but I want convert only my important mails in Office 365 Mailbox. Is it possible with this software?

Yes, you can also migrate your selected mails with all the attachments into Exchange Online Cloud Platform.

Do I need any type of PowerShell commands while using this software?

No, this is a GUI based application so you don’t need the PowerShell or any other Commands.

Can, I migrate selected e-mails into Exchange Online with the Demo version?

No, because the Demo version only export first 20 items per folder.

My Outlook is not working and I am not connected to the Exchange Server. So is the Outlook installation necessary for the PST to Office 365 Migration?

No, with this PST to Office 365 converter you don’t need to install the MS Outlook. It will directly convert the PST into Office 365.

Client Feedback for PST to Office 365 Migration Tool

I have tried many other applications before this and finally I got the exact tool I was looking for to import PST to Office 365. I want to import a few PST files to primary mailboxes and few PST files to Archive mailboxes and this software provide both options. Thank guys for this wonderful software.

David Lemon

United Kingdom

I want to say thanks to the entire team. Recently I used this PST to o365 solution to import Outlook 2016 PST file into Office 365 mailbox and I find it very helpful. The software is fully automated and migrates all data of PST file to Exchange Online account in very short time duration.

Rob Wilderman

United States

I was searching a best PST to Exchange Online converter to convert my PST file into o365 then I get this Migration Tool. With this software I easily export my multiple PST to multiple Exchange Online Mailboxes. Thanks you to develop this helpful application.

Lancer Jack