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Know about MS Outlook and how does the MS Outlook work

The MS Outlook is a desktop email client provided by Microsoft for personal or business purpose. It also includes calendars, contacts, tasks, appointments, and attachments, etc. The user can check also previous emails from Outlook without an internet connection. But the user

How to set-up the Application Impersonation rights in Office 365

Impersonation permission in Office 365 allows a service to perform tasks related to the impersonation account of the user account. Impressions are the best option for handling or accessing the service account for each mailbox in the database when you are working with multiple mailboxes. Here we are going to… Read more »

How to increase Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online Mailbox size

The Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online provides 50GB storage space for the per-user mailbox. Sometimes it’s not enough for the users then they need more space to store the mailbox data like emails, contacts, calendars, appointments, and attachments etc.

How to enable or disable In-Place Archive Mailbox in Office 365 Account

Archive Mailbox is a special Mailbox that appears in Microsoft Outlook user’s Primary Mailbox. In-place archive mailboxes have additional storage space for users. It is also called Online Archiving. The user can access and store emails in archive mailboxes using Outlook Web App. In